Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

A world in which we prevent substance use disorder when we can and offer compassionate support to reduce harms among individuals, families, and communities when we cannot.

Our Mission

Live4Lali works to reduce stigma and prevent substance use disorder among individuals, families, and communities, and minimize the overall health, legal and social harms associated with substance use.

Our Values

  • Diversity – We are committed to inclusivity among our Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and clients while striving to encourage and consider new opinions and ideas.
  • Compassion – A definition of compassion is “suffering together.” We have all been through experiences that have shaped us. Our clients and their loved ones suffer from substance use disorder and have been treated unjustly, without dignity and in ways that promote shame. With compassion at the helm of our work, we can create true change that is long lasting and impactful on many levels.
  • Research and Best Practices – We are educators and advocates, not researchers or clinical experts. As information messengers it is imperative we are aware of cutting edge subject matter related data, trends and best practices from leading institutes and initiatives around the globe. It helps guide our programs, philosophy and platform. We cannot successfully break down complex information to laypeople without these critical advisory relationships.
  • History – Whether we are learning lessons from it or reminiscing on it, our future as a successful organization is influenced by our past. We believe history should always be considered and honored. For decade’s physical health and ideology trumped brain science, mental illness and substance use. As a result, millions of people have suffered or died who deserved kindness, dignity, better treatment, and knowledge, including our founder’s son/brother. Let us not repeat the mistakes of our past.
  • Sustainability – As long as humans roam the earth, substance use disorders or addictions will be relevant. We believe in ensuring that this movement is long lasting, that people will always have a resource to access help, and that funding is available to do so.
  • Education –Live4Lali was born out of a tragic situation fueled by lack of information. Simply put: knowledge is power. It promotes prevention, safety and self-efficacy. Without it, lives are at risk and no change is possible.