Meet the Team

Laura Fry Director of Operations 844.584.5254 x803

My name is Laura Fry, that was the easy part – but WHO am I? I am a lover and a peacekeeper. I possess a core belief set revolving around the values of peace and love as being essential in society. I am a fighter for human rights – ALL humans. I have a deep respect for nature, the earth, conservation, and community. Since a small child, I have been a fighter for the underdog. Fighting for a cause is nothing new to me – I have rallied for Equal Rights, the LGBT community, AIDS/HIV, impoverished children, rape survivors, religious freedom, the homeless, the mentally challenged and the mentally ill, suicide prevention, cancer awareness and prevention, autism, and education rights. So the jump to becoming an addiction prevention and education advocate was a natural one. When my son became addicted to heroin, with all the strife and change that this brought to him and to the family, I found myself floundering and scared. I became educated in the disease of addiction, taking numerous classes, workshops, seminars and webinars. What I found mostly is a lack of education, a lack of compassion, discrimination, no, or little, services, shame and sadness – for the person with the disease and the entire family. This has become my passion. These are people first with an illness. A disease that deserves to be treated like we treat any other disease on this planet – with state of the art treatment, compassion, and dignity.

In the rare moment that I am not being an activist, I am blessed to be a mother, a wife, a sister, an aunt, a cousin, and friend to many – all of whom I will fight for, and love always. My paid work has me in an emergency department of a mid-sized, suburban Chicago hospital, where I am able to use my life lessons and education to the betterment of human treatment. My personal journey has included all of the things I am passionate about – I am an incest survivor, child abuse survivor, rape survivor, cancer survivor, successful mental health patient, and autism mother. The common thread here is I Am a Survivor and a warrior. Respect, compassion, love, and peace are my goals, always. 

Samara Rubin Director of Marketing and Outreach 844.584.5254 x804

Samara Rubin joined Live4Lali in 2015 as the Director of Digital Marketing. Samara obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from DePaul University in Chicago. During her collegiate career she focused on human rights issues, America’s criminal justice system, the war on drugs, ethnography, and the epidemiology of social problems in Chicago. She completed her internship with Illinois Collaboration on Youth, a nonprofit organization connecting youth to services that promote their health and safety.

Professionally, Samara is a fourth generation hospitality industry proprietor. Her family has owned and operated the Days Inn Chicago for nearly a century. She gained valuable experience with social media effectiveness in promoting the hotel across a myriad of marketing mediums. Her knack for interior design was honed while working in the hospitality industry during which she attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Her creativity, thoroughness, and strong passion to help others has allowed Samara to succeed in her endeavors. She has been touched by substance use in her family and seeks to guide those struggling with its effects. As overdose rates rise and people become more aware of substance use disorder – the number one public health crisis facing America today – Samara wants to be a champion for a cause so worthy and too often forgotten about.

Genevieve Przybylo-Soulje Walk-In Clinic & OEND Program Manager 844.584.5254 x807

My name is Genevieve and I live in Arlington Heights with my amazing husband Kurt, my 3 kids, Chris 19, Sebastian,17 and Genna Bella, 12, plus our dogs, Sugar & Luci. Our family’s journey with Chris’s addiction began when he was 14. He is currently in recovery for heroin addiction. I became very active and proactive with advocacy while Chris was in treatment. We know that Chris’ addiction is forever, so I wanted to educated and advocate my myself, my family and my community. I will never stop advocating, supporting and of course, loving my son.

Agy Wielechowski Volunteer Coordinator 844.584.5254 x805

My name is Agy, and I live in Jefferson Park, Chicago. I began my journey with Live4Lali in May of 2016, shortly after I lost my best friend to a heroin overdose. Since then I have increased my knowledge on addiction and overdose and am now Live4Lali’s Volunteer Coordinator! My goals are to lift the veil of shame and discomfort that surround the subject of drug addiction, and to spread the word, while lowering the risks associated with substance use. The most important thing that I have learned during my time with Live4Lali is that no matter how hard it gets, or how large the obstacle, we all have it in us to overcome and succeed.