Meet the Team

Chelsea Laliberte Barnes, MSSA Co-Founder, Executive Director, Board Member Direct: 844.LV4.LALI (584.5254) x802

Helping individuals and families with mental health and substance use issues and guiding communities in addressing these issues via strategic interventions is Chelsea’s greatest passion. Focusing on community organizing and strategic partnerships, she assists advocates and key stakeholders in the development and implementation of comprehensive opioid awareness and overdose prevention strategies. Chelsea graduated from Roosevelt University in Chicago with a B.A. in Integrated Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. Since graduating, she has developed digital and print marketing campaigns in real estate and healthcare industries with her core skill set in the digital advertising world. She is now a Master of Science in Social Administration through Case Western Reserve University’s online graduate program. Chelsea lives in Chicago with her husband, Matt and dogs, Sam and Mickey. She loves spending time with family and friends, is a music and film lover, creative writer, culturally-obsessed travel nerd and shameless foodie. 

Laura Fry Director of Operations 844.LV4.LALI (584.5254) x803

Laura Fry is the Director of Operations. With a background in Emergency Medicine, Laura was no stranger to overdose, but it wasn’t until substance use disorder entered her family, did she truly understand. With her son in remission from heroin use disorder, she now mentors families and individuals impacted by substance use disorder. Laura began her career in this field as a volunteer for Live4Lali, a suburban Chicago advocacy agency, and more recently as the Director of Operations. She will continue implementing the innovative, comprehensive and compassionate approach she helped develop, to continue serving people with substance use disorders and their loved ones

Agy Wielechowski Volunteer Coordinator 844.LV4.LALI (584.5254) x805

My name is Agy, and I live in Jefferson Park, Chicago. I began my journey with Live4Lali in May of 2016, shortly after I lost my best friend to a heroin overdose. Since then I have increased my knowledge on addiction and overdose and am now Live4Lali’s Volunteer Coordinator! My goals are to lift the veil of shame and discomfort that surround the subject of drug addiction, and to spread the word, while lowering the risks associated with substance use. The most important thing that I have learned during my time with Live4Lali is that no matter how hard it gets, or how large the obstacle, we all have it in us to overcome and succeed.

Artemis Golzar Recovery Programs Coordinator 844.LV4.LALI (584.5254) x808

My name is Artemis! I started my journey with Live4Lali in January of 2017 as a volunteer. When I lost my best friend to a drinking and driving accident, I was compelled to get involved in my community. I am a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelors Degree in psychology. I have always been interested in substance use disorders, psychopathology, and psychopharmacology. My interests have led me to pursue a certification as an alcohol and substance abuse counselor. My personal experiences of and losses from mental health and substance use disorders have motivated me to pursue a career in this field. I strive to provide resources where they are needed, reduce stigma around topics of substance use and mental health, implement programs that enhance safety in the community, and educate the public.

I love to spend time with my big and goofy dog Gunner, make art, listen to music, and read! I love to draw life-like portraits of people and animals! I love to read biographies, Stephen King novels, and lots of non-fiction!

Alex Mathiesen McHenry County Opioid Overdose Prevention Program, Outreach Coordinator 844.LV4.LALI (584.5254) x806

Alex Mathiesen was a volunteer at Live4Lali before being appointed to service the county of McHenry and its people. Alex has been in recovery from heroin use disorder for the past several years. His experiences from the disease of addiction help give personal insight on the best ways to assist those with a substance use disorder or experiencing active use, their loved ones, and the community at large.

Danielle Mastriani Digital Education Associate

Hello! My name is Danielle and I work as the Digital Education Associate at Live4Lali. I graduated from DeVry University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Design & Development. I am passionate about the work I do, and especially want to advocate for mental illness, including substance use disorders. As someone who personally struggles with mental illness, I believe it is crucial we push to reduce the stigma that surrounds it. My #1 passion in life is art, I love anything creative. I also consider myself a bird enthusiast – I have 10!

Salim Suterwalla Data Manager

I’m currently a full-time student finishing my degree in Finance at Roosevelt University in Chicago. I have 10+ years of banking experience in management, customer service, and in sales. I love spending time with my family and friends, am an avid Sports fan (My favorite teams are the Chicago Bulls, Bears, White Sox, and Blackhawks), as well as a Sci-fi/comic book enthusiast. I currently reside in Elgin, and work as the Data Manager for Live4Lali. While I don’t have extensive experience working with or helping individuals who deal with addiction, I do have a family member who used to deal with alcoholism. Through that experience I know how addiction can affect people (and their loved ones) and know that it’s important to reach out for help when you need it.