Education & Awareness


  • Professional and group harm reduction training can take place virtually or in-person. For questions, reach out to Danielle Franzese, Staff Coordinator, at [email protected]


Paul Valade/

Live4Lali’s Board Member, Melissa Hobley, talks about her brother who died of an overdose during a class at Grayslake Central High School.

Audiences: Youth, parents, community, professionals

  • Current, relevant, real and multidimensional presentations
  • Science-focused, evidence-based theories utilized
  • Broad, customizable and comprehensive educational approach
  • Forums, panels, trainings, assemblies, and workshops provided
  • Featuring testimonials from subject matter experts and impacted individuals

Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, IL become one of the first high school nursing departments in the country to recognize and reverse an overdose.

Audiences: Users and loved ones, professionals, general public

  • Covers spectrum of strategies utilized to reduce harms associated with drug use
  • Emphasis on promoting compassion, empowerment and hope
  • Trainees leave equipped to recognize and reverse an overdose via naloxone/NARCAN

Congressman Bob Dold introduces Lali’s Law to the public via a press conference at Live4Lali’s office in Arlington Heights.


  • Active digital marketing presence provides quick access to information
  • Strong media relationships brings attention to programs and services
  • Attending conferences and community events increases face-to-face engagement
  • Annual Overdose Awareness Day Vigil & Rallies brings out hundreds

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