We are five women under 35 who have loved, lost, and learned more than we ever wanted to about substance use. Our goal is simple: to give a voice to people across the globe impacted by substance use, and to let them know that they are not alone. Through our stories, we can help each other heal, and maybe save lives, using science and experience as our driving force.

Join us, the ladies of Live4Lali, as we use our Heroine Voices to get sincere, honest, emotional, and probably a bit controversial from time to time. Stigma ends here. Hope begins here.


EPISODE ONE – Sibling Substance Use and Overdose Death Among Gen Y and Millennials

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We share our own experiences navigating through this overdose crisis, from the deaths of our siblings, our unique grief journeys, and how we found hope through advocating for this cause.

Music By: Lee Rosevere

EPISODE TWO – The Science of Substance Use Disorder: Treatment and Recovery

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We chatted with Dr. Beth Dunlap and Diane Geiser, MSW, LCSW to uncover the science of substance use disorder, appropriate treatment strategies, and the dynamics of recovery.

Music By: Lee Rosevere