Fentanyl Awareness Campaign

You Can Never Be Too Prepared for a Fentanyl Overdose

We created this lifesaving PSA alongside our amazing colleagues at The Chicago Recovery Alliance to spread the word about fentanyl and what steps the general public, people who use drugs, loved ones and professionals can take to reduce risk for overdose.

According to a National Vital Statistics System report by the Centers for Disease Control, fentanyl is the substance most frequently involved in overdose deaths in the United States.

Many people are aware of the potential presence of fentanyl in heroin and other opioids, but many other commonly acquired street drugs like Xanax, MDMA, cocaine, and methamphetamine are now cut with fentanyl.

Here’s the scary truth: we’ve noticed increasing deniability among folks impacted by substance use to believe that they or their loved ones are at risk for overdose.

We’re saying this because we love you: denying that you, your loved one, or your clients/patients will overdose is an incredibly dangerous mindset to have. We are aware of an incorrect common belief among people who use drugs (recreationally or due to a substance use disorder), families and practitioners that participating in a treatment program or remaining sober for any length of time ensures immunity from an overdose. We promote and encourage evidence-based approaches to address substance use, including treatment. Science tells us that any amount of time for the brain and body to heal and coping skills to develop is critical. However, relapse is a part of recovery. One physical relapse can result in death. Lately, we’ve seen this trend weekly if not daily. We want everyone to be aware, safe, and proactive.

Interested in doing your part to reduce deaths?
Help us spread the word! Here’s how:

  • Reach out to us! We currently have a limited supply of 12×18 posters, flyers, and postcards available at our Community Recovery Center! Contact Laura Fry (844.584.5254 x803) if you are interested in picking up some for your office, friends and family, or YOU! We cannot guarantee continued availability. 
  • Download the digital formats above and print them to post at your office, on community boards, in public offices, or to email out to your network.
  • Reach out to Mike Parla with Newport Printing Services via phone at 847-404-4287 or email at [email protected] to order professionally printed versions at a reduced rate. He is able to ship nationwide.
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Fentanyl is mixed into many street-bought drugs including cocaine, crack, xanax, MDMA and heroin. Spread the word and save lives.

Fentanyl is responsible for most drug overdose deaths in the United States. Are you familiar with tips for safe use?

Do you have clients or loved ones that are at risk for an overdose? We created this PSA to spread the word and keep the community safe.

Are you or someone you love in recovery from a substance use disorder? If you experience a relapse you are at high risk for overdose. Learn about fentanyl today.

Help save lives by putting up posters in your place of business, handing out flyers and postcards to people you work with, serve or care about, or sharing these messages on your social media channels or via email! Don’t forget that Live4Lali and Chicago Recovery Alliance provide safe supplies, education, support, and treatment navigation.